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John Wesley

“God does nothing except in answer to prayer.”

Stephen Bello

It is such a privilege for me to take on the Prayer Coordinator role for JustOne.

Prayer is essential to every aspect of JustOne and with your support we will see thousands of people join together for an inspiring afternoon on Saturday 9th June 2018.

Please make prayer for JustOne a priority in your everyday life and in the life of your church.

Thank God For…

The way he has answered so many of JustOne’s needs and for our JustOne Church and Ministry Partners.

Pray For…

That every seat will be filled at Priestfield Stadium on 9th June, with half of those present receptive to hear the message about Jesus.

Pray for God to be at work to prepare the way for a truly amazing day on 9th June.

Pray for the safety of the entire JustOne team as they travel and speak at gatherings around Kent.

Pray for the ongoing planning, production and promotion of JustOne.

Pray for the JustOne social media to reach many people.

Pray for the practicalities of putting on a large event like JustOne, for the production, welcome and response teams.

Pray for media opportunities to not only talk about JustOne but about Jesus.

Pray thousands will start praying about the guests they will invite to JustOne – friends, family and relatives.

Prayer Ambassador

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